Marketing/Public Relations Committee Members Needed

The Marketing/Public Relations Committee is looking for committee members to promote and support our Chapter, the AMTA and massage therapy. We are always working on new ideas and welcome anyone willing to donate some of their time.

For ways you can get involved, or to get news on our committee, contact Michelle Cordero, AMTA-AZ Marketing/Public Relations Committee Chair, at 480-557-9770 or by email at, to be included on our update list.

Michelle will contact members of the update list as projects or events come up.

AMTA Opportunity: Membership Committee Chair

The AMTA-AZ Chapter is looking for a Membership Committee Chair (and committee persons). At this time the duties are light, but we are hoping to do more recruitment activities at schools in the future. The present duties are to send out new member packets and questionnaires to non-returning members. This is done every month, but does not take a lot of time.

If you are interested in volunteering for the Chapter in this capacity, contact Connie Griffith, AMTA-AZ 3rd Vice President, at 480-813-9326 or by email at

Wanted: Volunteers throughout the state

The AMTA-AZ Membership Committee is looking for members who would be interested in going out to the schools in Arizona and telling students about membership in the AMTA. There is a powerpoint presentation available from National and they are in the process of getting the new application forms out to the schools.

If you would like to get involved in his way, please contact Connie Griffith at 480-813-9326 or by email at

Mission of the Arizona Chapter

The mission of the Arizona Chapter of the American Massage Therapy Association is to develop and advance the art, science and practice of massage therapy in a caring, professional and ethical manner in order to promote the health and welfare of humanity in Arizona.

Goals of AMTA Arizona Chapter

  1. To establish massage therapy as integral to the maintenance of good health
  2. To increase public awareness of massage therapy and the profession
  3. To promote high standards in providing massage therapy to the public
  4. To increase access to quality massage therapy for all persons
  5. To be an influential member of the health care community
  6. To be a leader and a resource for issues in the field of massage therapy including definitions, practice and education standards, legislation and regulation
  7. To enhance the professional development and personal growth of members
  8. To continue the Arizona AMTA’s growth, development, organizational effectiveness and visibility

In pursuit of the above goals, the Arizona Chapter of the AMTA will be guided by the values of care and competency.

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