State Massage Licensing

Request your application for state license as soon as possible!!! It is your responsibility to request the application.

The application instructions contain information about other documents that you may need to request from your school(s) or organizations, (for example, High School Diploma, National Certification Board, etc.). Give yourself plenty of time to get through the licensure process. Start the process ASAP, DON’T let your current license expire before you have your state license!

To get your application contact the State Board of Massage Therapy by phone, fax, or through their web site:

Arizona State Board of Massage Therapy
1400 W. Washington, Suite 230
Phoenix, AZ 85007
Phone: 602-542-8604
Fax: 602-542-3093
Web Site:

Note that if you transfer application instructions and forms from their site to your computer (Acrobat pdf format), you still need to get a fingerprint card by either calling or going to their location on 1400 W. Washington.

General Qualifications
What Type of Applicant are You?
Frequently Asked Questions
Notices of Final State Legislation Rule Making

General Qualifications

At least 18 years old
Citizen or legal resident of the U.S.
Good moral character
High School Diploma or G.E.D.
Complete the application process
Not have felony conviction or other offense involving moral turpitude (within the last 5 years)
Not have voluntarily surrendered a license or had license revoked
Not currently under investigation, suspension or restriction by a political/regulatory entity
Submit a full set of fingerprints

What type of Applicant are You?

There are 3 different types an applicant could be depending on your experience, and prior licensing. There are different application requirements depending on which type you are.

Regular Applicant (first license or no massage income history or not licensed in another state for at least 5 years)
In addition to meeting General Qualifications:
Graduate from recognized 500 hour massage program
Pass NCE/NLE (National Certification, Automated Information Line: 1-800-296-0664)
Submit copy of diploma
Request official transcripts from Arizona State Board of Massage Therapy
Reciprocity Applicant
This type of applicant is eligible for licensure if the following applies:
Provide a copy of the Statues and Rules from the state(s) in which you are currently licensed. Must have been licensed continuously in one or more states for the five years immediately preceding the filing of this application and the other state must have standards for massage therapist that are substantially equivalent to those in this state.
Hold a current certification from the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork, or another agency that meets the standards of the National Commission on Competency Assurance and received education and training substantially equivalent to that required by this state.
Submit verification acceptable to the Board (form available from Arizona Massage Therapy Board). This form must be completed by the agency that issued your license and mailed directly to the Arizona Massage Therapy Board.
Provisional Applicant (Grandfathering)
Completed a minimum 200 hour program in massage therapy (from a recognized school (see state site)) AND has continually practiced massage therapy in Arizona for at least 3 years prior to May 2003 when the law began. OR
Demonstrate continuous, self-supportive employment as massage therapist in Arizona from/after 12/31/92 (must provide Department of Revenue income tax returns). OR
Hold a current professional massage therapy license from a municipality of Arizona.
Provisional Applicants will NOT need to take NCE/NLE

Frequently Asked Licensure Questions

Q. When may I begin to apply for the Arizona State Massage Therapy Practice License?

A. The State Board of Massage Therapy anticipates that the applications will be available the end of June 2004.

Q. When will the State Board of Massage Therapy begin to accept applications?

A. As soon as the applications have been completed. They expect to begin issuing licenses to qualified applicants sometime around August 2004.

Q. Will the applications be mailed?

A. Yes but you MUST request the application from the State Board of Massage Therapy by calling them, sending a fax or letter. OR You can transfer all application and fingerprinting instructions and forms from their web site to your computer. However, you will still need to get a fingerprint card from the Board through U.S. mail or stopping by the Board’s office on the NE corner of 15th Avenue and Washington, 1400 W Washington in Phoenix.

Q. How can I contact the State Board of Massage Therapy?
A. Arizona State Board of Massage Therapy
1400 W. Washington Suite 230
Phoenix, AZ 85007
Phone: 602-542-8604
Fax: 602-542-3093
Web Site:

Q. What is the cost of the license?

A. The initial application and license fee is $250. All licenses are issued for a 2 year time period. In addition to the initial application and license fee, there is a Department of Public Safety (DPS) background check fee of $29, and a fingerprinting collection fee, paid to the technician collecting the fingerprints, of $10 to $25 depending on where you get it done. So a total of $289 to $304.

Q. What is the renewal fee?

A. The renewal fee covers a 2 year period of licensure time and is $180.

Q. Who are the State Board Members?
A. Mara Concordia LMT, Board Chair
Judy Boyer LMT, Board Vice Chair
Lori Green, Public Member
Daniel Vasquez LMT
Paulina Vasquez-Morris, Public Member

Q. Who is the Executive Director for the State Board of Massage Therapy?

A. Craig Runbeck, NMD. Dr Runbeck is also the Executive Director for the Naturopathic Physicians Board of Medical Examiners.

Q. Where can I see a copy of the laws?

A. On the State Board of Massage Therapy’s web site at

Q. Where can I read the proposed rules?

A. A copy can be obtained by contacting the State Board of Massage Therapy, or online through the Arizona Secretary of State at

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